Residential Artificial Grass

Residential Artificial Grass

Residential Artificial Grass, Located in Roseville, CA serving Sacramento County and Placer County

We are now serving Sacramento County and Placer County with assistance in Artificial Grass Installations. We are now serving Auburn, Colfax, Folsom, Lincoln, Loomis, Rocklin, Roseville and all the Unincorporated areas of Placer County and Sacramento County.

Saving Water and Increasing Energy Efficiency is Crucial in California: One of the biggest water wastes that people have here in the Sacramento County and Placer County is watering their lawns. Lawns and yards take an absolutely massive amount of water, and for no purpose at all except to look pretty. In the middle of California’s historic drought, the last thing we can afford to be doing with our water is pouring it on grass.

Lawnmowers emit about as many greenhouse gases in an hour as the average car does

Lawns are a waste of time, too. After you water them to keep them green and make them grow, you have to mow them because they grow too much. Lawnmowers emit about as many greenhouse gases in an hour as the average car does when you drive it 93 miles, according to a study done in Stockholm, Sweden. This means that it is worse to care for your front yard than it is to drive for an hour and a half.

But lawns are pretty and we are addicted to them. From the time Europeans colonized America, we have wanted yards and lawns, regardless of their appropriateness for the climate, because they are what we had back home. Now we have to have them because we can’t imagine what else to do with our yards. And if we took out our grass to replace it with a rock garden, our neighbors might think that we are kooky.

Ditch the hassle and the environmental problems of your conventional lawn

We have good news for you, here at Artificial Grass and Turf. Now you can ditch the hassle and the environmental problems of your conventional lawn but keep the look and comfort of the beautiful lawn you have always dreamed of having. Your neighbors won’t be able to tell the difference at all – at least, not until they notice that you are never out there watering and mowing, or when their lawns all turn brown in the winter.

Artificial Grass for Home Owners isn’t just easier to care for; it also makes your whole life easier. Artificial grass doesn’t get muddy and it stays much cleaner than regular grass, so you don’t have to worry about cleaning up footprints in your house all the time. It is springier than natural grass so it makes for a safer play area for children. You can put artificial grass under a swing set or a play house without having to worry about the bald spots that inevitably happen there with regular grass, which then inevitably turn into mud puddles.

Pets Love Artificial Grass

Your pets will love your new residential artificial grass lawn too! Our high quality artificial grass at Artificial Grass and Turf mimics natural grass well enough that your pets will not be able to tell the difference. Dogs and cats love running around, rolling, and even sleeping on our artificial lawns – even the most texture-sensitive ones! And it is easy to clean up any “business” that your animals do out there – pick up solid waste just like you would off a sidewalk and spray liquid waste down with a hose. There won’t be any smell, and the antibacterial property of the artificial grass will ensure that your lawn stays clean and safe to play on.

PACE Programs for Installing Artificial Grass and Turf

  • Ygrene: The leading developer and administrator of clean energy financing programs
  • MPOWER: Financing for energy efficiency and water conservation retrofits
  • HERO:  The #1 energy efficiency financing program in the United States
  • CaliforniaFIRST: Funding for water efficiency improvements

If you are thinking of replacing your lawn with artificial grass or artificial turf, there are a few incentive programs that can help make this more affordable for you. MPOWER, Ygrene, HERO and CaliforniaFIRST PACE Programs can help you fund your water-saving artificial grass yard or even cover the costs of conversion completely. Give Artificial Grass and Turf a call today to find out whether you are eligible for any of these programs and to get a FREE quote on your new no-maintenance yard!