Playground Artificial Turf & Grass

Artificial Grass for Playgrounds in Sacramento

Artificial Grass for Playgrounds in Sacramento and Roseville, CA

The question of what to put underneath a playground is always a tough problem for schools and city park officials to answer. If you put concrete under the playground, kids can injure themselves seriously if they fall. If you put grass under the playground, it quickly turns to bare dirt which becomes mud whenever it rains – not to mention how dirty the kids get when they play even in dry weather. Some schools and parks have put in shredded tires, which provides a nice cushioned surface but can cause scrapes and abrasions. On the whole, a skinned knee is less of a problem than a concussion or a broken arm, though, so rubber materials have long been considered the safest thing to put under playgrounds.

With new innovations in commercial artificial turf, though, the commercial applications for playgrounds have become extremely exciting. Artificial turf is installed on a padded, rubber base with generous drainage capabilities, to keep kids safe and dry when they play. The fake grass is soft, so kids won’t skin their knees and elbows playing on it. And our artificial grass at Artificial Grass NorCal is completely nontoxic, so parents can have peace of mind watching their children play on playgrounds with our playground artificial turf.

Safety standards for Artificial Grass

The IPEMA and CSA standards have stringent regulations about how safe the material has to be under a playground, and Artificial Grass NorCal conforms to all these standards. It protects children from falls up to 10 feet high, making it a safe and secure base material for most playgrounds. Whether you are looking for artificial grass to put under a home playground, a commercial playground, or a school playground, Artificial Grass NorCal has the high quality, safe material you need.

Comfortable Base with Artificial Grass

Artificial grass is the most comfortable base you can put underneath a playground. It has the feel of natural grass, and is soft under little feet. In hot temperatures and in direct sunlight artificial grass can get hot, unlike natural grass, but it is easy to cool it down again just by spraying it down with water. Shade trees and awnings can also prevent artificial grass from getting too hot.

Commercial Turf is Clean

Unlike natural grass, gravel, dirt, or sand, artificial grass is completely clean. Children will not come inside with dirty or muddy clothes, because there is no dirt that comes up through the grass. While natural grass gets muddy when it rains, artificial grass not only does get wet but it also drains well so that water does not pool and make puddles.

Durable Commercial Playground

Artificial Grass Turf For Playgrounds

Commercial playgrounds see a lot of foot traffic. This is why natural grass doesn’t last any time at all before it is completely trampled and killed by children running around and scraping their feet on it under the swings. Even alternatives such as gravel and sand end up with trenches dug in them, often down to the dirt beneath, because of the heavy use that playgrounds get. Artificial turf, on the other hand, is extremely durable. All of our artificial grass comes with a 15 year warranty, and you can often expect it to last even longer.