Commercial Landscaping with Artificial Grass Roseville

Artificial Grass - Commercial Applications

Landscaping with Artificial Grass and Synthetic Turf in Roseville, CA

Businesses all over the Sacramento/ Roseville area are discovering the benefits of using artificial grass for their commercial landscaping. Although we specialize in Roseville Artificial Grass, we also service commercial artificial grass and synthetic turf applications. Artificial grass from Artificial Grass NorCal has all the beauty and comfortable texture of natural grass, with none of the maintenance costs or hassle. With commercial landscaping with artificial grass, you can be eco-friendly and environmentally responsible, and save your business time and money at the same time! There are many benefits to commercial landscaping with artificial grass:

  • Beautiful appearance
  • No maintenance
  • Money saving
  • Durable

Beautiful Appearance

When artificial grass was first introduced, it wasn’t very pretty. It was a solid bright green color and all the stalks of fake grass were exactly the same length. It was even shiny. There was no way you could look at a patch of artificial grass and not see it for exactly what it was.

We’ve come a long way since then. Our artificial grass now looks exactly like natural grass. It blends many different shades of green, mimicking the look of a natural lawn. The individual blades of grass are all slightly different lengths, just like they would be if they were cut with a real lawnmower. You can even get natural grass that looks like different varieties of real grass, such as fescue, Bermuda, and Saint Augustine.

No maintenance With Artificial Grass

With natural grass, you have to do maintenance every week or several times a week to keep it looking nice, in addition to seasonal and yearly maintenance tasks. You have to water, mow, fertilize, aerate the soil, spread new seed, pluck weeds, and many other tasks. It’s a lot of work for any business or individual. But individuals can get away with letting their grass get dry if they don’t want to keep up with it, and businesses can’t. A shabby-looking lawn makes customers think that the business itself is shabby, so any business that wants to be successful has to keep its outdoor landscaping pristine.

Artificial lawns for commercial landscaping already are pristine, and they never stop being pristine. The only time you will ever have to do maintenance on your commercial artificial lawn is if leaves fall on it in the autumn.

Save Money on Water Bills with Artificial Grass

Water prices are high in this part of the country, and they are only getting higher the longer the drought lasts. Grass guzzles a ton of water, and for what? So that you have a green patch outside your business that looks pretty. With artificial grass for commercial landscaping, you can save hundreds of dollars every month on your company’s water bills.

Artificial Grass in Landscape Design is Durable

Artificial grass is incredibly durable. No matter how many people walk on it, it never gets bald spots or trampled patches. You can get rid of your ugly “Don’t Walk On The Grass” signs, because who cares if anybody walks on the grass? Commercial artificial grass is especially popular for businesses such as outdoor music concert venues, where people frequently come in crowds and would cause total destruction of any natural grass.