Commercial Artificial Grass Questions

Commercial Artificial Grass

Commercial Artificial Grass

Frequently Asked Questions About Artificial Grass and Synthetic Turf

1) How expensive is commercial artificial grass?

Artificial grass typically sells for about $12.50 per square foot. However, there are different grades of grass and different levels of quality you can choose. Thicker grass is typically more expensive than thinner grass, for example, but for some applications you would actually want the thinner grass. To get an exact price on what artificial grass would cost for your specific needs, give Artificial Grass NorCal a call to discuss your project.

2) Does artificial grass look like real grass?

Yes! Our artificial grass is designed to look exactly like natural grass. You can even choose different varieties of artificial grass for the look you want, such as fescue and Bermuda. The only difference most people can tell is that our artificial grass doesn’t have dead parts the way natural lawns often do.

3) Is artificial grass safe for kids and pets?

Some brands of artificial grass are toxic and should not be used around children or pets. However, all of our artificial grass is completely non-toxic.

4) Can I use artificial grass for my dog yard/dog run?

Yes, and your dogs will love it! Artificial grass gives pups a soft, comfortable, natural-feeling surface to run and play on, that they cannot dig up or destroy. It keeps their paws and fur clean, so you don’t have to worry about muddy foot prints. It is easy to clean up artificial grass after your pets, too – just pick up any solid waste with a baggie and throw it away, and rinse any liquid waste with the hose.

5) How well does artificial grass drain?

Our artificial grass is installed with a robust drainage system underneath that can handle a heavy soaking. You should never have to worry about standing water in your artificial grass yard. That said, some kinds of artificial grass drain better than others. You want to use one of our thinner, higher-draining artificial grass varieties for use with pets so that you can easily wash away waste.

6) How long does it take to install artificial grass?

Our goal is to finish installing your artificial grass yard within a day. We know that it is annoying and inconvenient to have strangers coming and tearing up your yard, so we try to finish and get out of your hair as quickly as possible.

7) Can I use artificial grass in my children’s playground or play place?

Yes, and in fact we highly recommend it. Our playground artificial grass is extra cushioned and springy to increase comfort to your kids and minimize injuries. With artificial grass from Artificial Grass NorCal, you can enjoy a beautiful play area that needs no maintenance at all, while also enjoying the peace of mind of having your kids be as safe as possible.

8) How much money will I save from having artificial grass?

The exact amount depends on your own home and your own setup. The average for artificial grass savings is that your artificial grass will pay for itself and start saving you money in 7 years. If you spend more money than usual on water and maintenance costs, you will probably save more and your investment will pay for itself much more quickly.

9) Is artificial grass good for the environment?

Yes. Excessive water use is a huge environmental problem, especially in California. Artificial grass curbs excessive water use. It also reduces the need for synthetic fertilizers, since it stays green without them. And of course, the carbon emissions from lawn mowers are gone forever once you replace your grass with artificial grass.

10) Is artificial grass recyclable?

Many manufacturers of artificial grass are still saying that their stuff is not recyclable. Here at Artificial Grass NorCal, we are proud to report that our artificial grass is completely recyclable. Please don’t send your artificial grass to a dumpster when it gets too worn out!