Artificial Grass for Pets – Sacramento, CA

Services Residential Artificial Grass

Services Residential Artificial Grass

One of the questions we hear frequently at Artificial Grass NorCal is, “Can I have artificial grass if I have pets?” and “Is this safe for my dogs and cats?” As it turns out, dogs, cats, and their owners love artificial grass! If you are thinking of bringing artificial grass into your backyard with your fur babies, here are the important facts that you need to know:

  • Our artificial grass and artificial turf is completely safe for pets.
  • It rinses clean for easy clean-up
  • It discourages dogs from digging.
  • It won’t die, even in the spots the dogs love to lie the most.
  • You’ll never clean up muddy paw prints again.


Our artificial turf for pets is made from the same plastic that the food industry uses for milk cartons. It is completely non-toxic and hypoallergenic, so your pets won’t have reactions no matter how much they roll or how long they sleep on it.


Artificial grass for pets is installed over a robust drainage system that can drain away about 40 inches of water every hour. Chances are, you are never going to have that much water on your artificial grass at any given time. But what this drainage capability does mean is that you can spray down your artificial grass any time, as much as you need to be able to keep your yard clean from pet messes.

Forget watching where you step – cleanup has never been easier with artificial grass. You just pick up the solid waste, like you would on the sidewalk or at the park, and rinse any liquid waste off with a hose. There is no need for cleaning products of any sort, because the artificial grass is made with a proprietary antibacterial material that prevents pathogens from growing in the places where your pets like to “go.” Just rinse and you’re done!


Many pet owners fear that their dogs who love digging will tear up their artificial grass. Actually, it’s exactly the opposite. Most diggers give up the habit completely, after trying a few times and discovering that the artificial grass is tough, impossible to rip, and generally not going anywhere.

No bald spots:

Every pet owner knows the sign that a dog has found a favorite place to lie: the grass starts looking flat, and then it starts looking bald, and eventually there is no grass left at all. Bare spots in your yard are a thing of the past with Artificial Grass NorCal. No matter how much your fur baby likes to lie in that one spot, the grass will always be green, beautiful, springy, and comfortable.

No more mud!

Pet owners rejoice – your dogs and cats won’t bring muddy paw prints inside anymore, no matter how bad the weather is! Artificial grass doesn’t let muddy water up through the bottom, so there is simply no mud for your pets to come in contact with. And if by chance Fido or Snowball did walk through some mud in another part of your yard, the trek across the artificial grass wipes it off like a very thick entry mat. How much easier would it be to keep your house clean if your animals weren’t tracking dirt in anymore?