Artificial Grass Folsom, CA


We specialize in Artificial Grass and Synthetic Turf in Folsom, CA

Water is not cheap in Folsom, CA, and it is just getting more expensive. At the same time, home owners and business owners are just as expected as they ever were to keep their lawns looking lush and green. It’s a catch-22 that keeps getting more frustrating and more expensive every year.

This is why so many homeowners and business owners in the Folsom, CA area have turned to artificial grass. It is no-maintenance, no-cost, non-toxic, and looks just like natural grass. The only way people will notice that your yard is artificial is when everyone else’s grass is dead and yours still looks beautiful.

Here in California, there are several state programs in place to help homeowners and business owners alike afford to upgrade to artificial grass. These programs are meant to help the environment, and especially to reduce the burden on all the local water sources. Here at Artificial Grass NorCal we are licensed contractors for:

We can help you find out what rebates you qualify for, and how you can get 0 down financing on your artificial grass upgrade.

Artificial grass has many benefits. Here are some of the things that our customers in Folsom, CA love best about our artificial grass from Artificial Grass NorCal:

Saves money

Cut your water bill in half! It is estimated that watering a lawn accounts for about 40% of the average water bill. With an artificial grass lawn, it’s like having a 40% off sale on your water bill every month.

Saves time

You don’t just save money with an artificial grass lawn. You also save all the time you would otherwise have spent mowing the lawn, edging the lawn, fertilizing the lawn, spraying pesticides on the lawn, and doing everything else that you need to do to keep the lawn looking pretty. All you need to do to keep your artificial lawn looking perfect is spray off any pet “presents” every day with a hose, and use a leaf blower to remove the leaves every autumn.

Environmentally friendly

Speaking of fertilizers and pesticides, natural lawns dump tons of chemicals into the local water supply from all the pesticides and fertilizers that homeowners and business owners put on them. Artificial lawns don’t need those chemicals, so you have no chemical runoff. Not only that, but our artificial grass here at Artificial Grass NorCal is completely non-toxic so you don’t even need to worry about toxins leaching off of the grass itself.


If you have kids or pets, or even if you just like going outside occasionally, you will appreciate how much easier it is to keep things clean when you have an artificial grass yard. You can say goodbye to muddy foot prints, grass clippings tracked all through the house, and grass stains. Your new artificial grass yard keeps your kids and pets perfectly clean, so they can play outside to their hearts’ content and you won’t have to do any extra laundry for them.